Love Devon? Then you’ll love Made in Devon – a mark of credibility and assurance that a business is local, legal and trustworthy.

We’re so proud of all the amazing things that are made and done right here in our beautiful county – and we’re on a mission to help as many people as possible know about them.

Any business that is based in Devon, has been operating for more than six months and takes pride in buying from and supporting other Devon businesses can apply to join.

Consumers who want to buy from trustworthy Devon companies can look on the Find a Local Business page or the Love to Shop Local page and be rest assured they’re supporting a local, legal and honest Devon business that has the Trading Standards stamp of approval. Made in Devon member businesses are also assessed on their commitment to sustainability, how they contribute to their local communities and their specialist skills.

Businesses who want to join take part in a valuable joining process and can then be part of networking and promotional opportunities. They can also get access to free trading standards advice which normally costs £90 per hour.

Buying from locally owned, independent businesses benefits our communities, the economy, and the environment.

‘A shift of 10% of retail market share for sustainable, local food businesses could create an additional 200,000 jobs, support a green economic recovery and restore nature’
The Case for Local Food Report July 2021, Sustain & RSPB

The vision for Made in Devon is to bring long-term, sustainable prosperity to the region. This will be done by encouraging sales and consumption of Devon products & services, supporting local businesses and establishing Devon as a source of quality local products and services.

Made in Devon is run by Devon County Council and is an extension to Trading Standard’s well-established Buy with Confidence trusted trader scheme.

Aims of Made in Devon

  • To promote sales and consumption of local products & services within Devon; building a robust local supply chain of businesses who contribute to their local economy.
  • To take advantage of and consolidate consumer habits towards buying local and maximise the market opportunity.
  • To provide businesses with a trust mark which sets them apart from the rest and enhances their profile and marketing strategy.
  • To help businesses to grow their customer base and make them more resilient.
  • To promote and provide expert advice on good trading practice.
  • To consolidate Devon’s reputation as a quality tourism destination which uses local people, products and skills to contribute to the local economy.
  • To establish and promote Devon as a quality food & drink destination and a source of quality local products, services and technology.

How will Made in Devon achieve these aims?

  • Through a significant marketing campaign that will promote Made in Devon businesses locally and nationally.
  • By educating consumers on the benefits of supporting local and making it easy for them to buy from bona fide local businesses.
  • By organising events, training and showcasing opportunities for businesses to connect and grow.
  • By providing Trading Standards advice and expertise that ensures member businesses are legal and have robust systems and processes in place.
  • By supporting and working alongside other ‘buy local’ schemes and initiatives.
  • By undertaking research that will uncover gaps in supply chains and resources within the region.

When and why was Made in Devon established?

The scheme was started in 2020 as part of Devon County Council’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Prospectus.

Devon’s COVID-19 Economy and Business Recovery Prospectus.

During lockdown, consumer support for buying local grew significantly. To build on this shift in consumer habits, as well as support Devon businesses to collaborate, grow and become more resilient through the pandemic and the changes brought about by EU exit, funding from Devon County Council enabled the Made in Devon brand to be launched.