Find a Local Business

Here you will find exclusively local products, services, manufacturers and produce – all approved by the MADE IN DEVON, Trading Standards quality brand mark.

Having just launched we are now in the early stages of recruitment so ‘watch this space’ to see many more businesses coming on board soon.

How do Made in Devon members earn their mark?

As someone who wants to ‘support local’, we know you want assurance that you’re buying from bona fide Devon businesses – who in turn do their utmost to support local.

All Made in Devon businesses have undergone a thorough audit process by Trading Standards professionals. This proves they operate in a legal, honest and fair manner – protecting their customers and making their businesses run better.

Checks are made to ensure that members are based in Devon and contribute to the Devon economy. If they make products, they must use characteristic materials or ingredients that are produced or grown in Devon whenever possible. If they’re a service, they must try to use local suppliers and employ local staff.

As an economic recovery scheme, Made in Devon aims to support businesses and bring long-term benefits to the region.

Sometimes it’s not possible to use materials and ingredients from Devon. They may be too expensive to be economically viable. Or unavailable in the format, quantities or timescales needed. When this is the case, the Made in Devon scheme aims to connect them with Devon suppliers or address the underlying supply issues through other support programmes and initiatives.