Code of conduct

Made in Devon members will: 

  1. Achieve and maintain membership of the Buy With Confidence (BWC) scheme, comply with the BWC terms and Conditions (as previously agreed to on BWC application form. These can be found here ). 
  2. Be a business based in Devon – meaning the main production or retail or tourism or service delivery base and premises should be in the County of Devon;  
  3. Source any significant and characteristic ingredients, materials, products and services from Devon or show that reasonable attempts have been made to do so;  
  4. Make reasonable efforts to use local employees and subcontractors;  
  5. Make a positive contribution to the Devon economy;  
  6. In addition, although these are not essential criteria for membership, Made in Devon members will be encouraged (and offered support to if not already doing so):
    1. Show creativity and skill in e.g. production, manufacture, service delivery and marketing.  
    2. Use sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. 
    3. Be an ethical provider. Build a mutually beneficial supplier/provider network with other Devon organisations and businesses   
  7. Comply with guidelines on marketing and use of the Made in Devon logo as outlined in the Members Brand Centre, located on the website here Members’ Brand Centre – Made in Devon  
  8. Comply with any reasonable requests made by or on behalf of administrators of the MID scheme and scheme assessors, including requests they may make in relation to use of any clarifying product and service descriptions.  
  9. Advise the Made in Devon scheme without delay, of any changes that may affect a business’s ability to comply with the Made in Devon scheme conditions, including any relevant changes to business location, ownership, or changes to ingredients, materials, products and services used or provided.  
  10. Comply with the Made in Devon scheme Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct and not do anything that may discredit the Made in Devon scheme or bring the scheme, or local authority into disrepute.
  11. We will:
    1. Provide a listing for your business on the website
    2. Promote the scheme to the public
    3. Provide trading standards legal advice during the audit process
    4. Permit, subject to conditions, you to use the Made in Devon logo

Note: the BWC terms and conditions will also apply to the Made in Devon Scheme and  references to ‘BWC’ and ‘Buy with Confidence’ in those terms and conditions shall also be taken as referring to the Made in Devon scheme and the Made in Devon Code and references to Logo and Promotional Wording shall be taken as referring to Made in Devon use of logo and promotional guidance 

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