One FREE custom handmade fabric banner

I’m developing a new product and need to make FREE samples (so I can take photos for my store listing and socials) so thought I’d offer a Made in Devon small business one.

The banners are made from cotton fabric, with details appliqued / embroidered on. You can have different top styles (depending on how / where you will hang it) and extras on the bottom, like pompoms, fringe or tassels. As this is a new product, I’m open to suggestions, so be as creative as you want!

If you’re interested, just leave a post with the following info, I’ll then contact the “winner” (or winners, as I may make several!) to discuss in more detail and work with you – to make you the perfect banner for your small business.
What would you like your banner to look like? … Details such as size, colour, logo or text ) business name, opening times, products?), any design features or extras!

I don’t think you can add images here, but if you Google “handmade custom fabric banner” images you get the idea or message me and I can send you some images to give you ideas.

Many thanks, Sarah

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